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Health & Wellness Specialist

Back in January 2008 I was offered the opportunity to run in the London marathon. Although I have always maintained a good level of fitness and enjoy running, receiving the place late in January did not leave me much time to train.

Going into the marathon just two months later I had only managed to get up to 14 miles in training, so I knew that shortly after the half way mark I was heading into the unknown. Never in a million years did I think that I would be able to run non-stop for the whole distance let alone finish sub 4 hours, 3 hours 57 minutes.

I owe much of my success that day to Callum who stayed by my side for the duration, keeping check on timings and providing vital encouragement when I hit that wall at 20 miles. Thanks Callum!

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Skier & Runner

I first asked Callum to help me prepare for a skiing trip and he built up my strength and stamina to levels I never knew I had within a 5 week period. Since then I have run a few 10K races and have signed up for my first half marathon, something I had never thought I would have dared to do!

Callum makes every training session new and interesting and never runs out of ideas for how to incorporate a chair, tree, boulder or lamppost into his sessions. He instinctively knows how to push you further than you thought was possible, to get the best from you and I finish each and every session feeling invigorated.

This is a guy whose enthusiasm and knowledge and motivation knows no bounds. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

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Footballer & Fitness Enthusiast

Training with Callum has benefited me in many ways. He’s taught me the right way to do things, and I’m seeing the benefits.

His sessions are fun, but push you to exceed your expectations and what you think are your limits. On top of this the guy is unbelievably supportive, motivating and always there to give advice. I would recommend to anyone who just wants more from their health and fitness.

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Professional Golfer

I’ve known Callum long before he was a qualified trainer and he’s always found ways to help me with my golf conditioning. I never really thought about resistance training for golf before, but Callum showed me some very simple strengthening techniques.

I’m certainly stronger and more explosive in my shots and I’d say I’ve added about 15 yards off the tee. He also helped me train for the Tough Mudder™ in August 2013, it was an amazing experience. I was on his team too!

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Former National Athlete

I have known Callum for as long as I can remember. As a former national standard athlete, I always thought I knew what I was talking about. However, when I was forced into leaving the sport through injury, I realised how little I actually knew away from the world of athletics. I needed a new direction, something else to focus on.

I decided to move into the world of weight training to help maintain a high level of fitness. Callum put together a detailed training program for me and supported this with information and advice whenever I needed it. I followed it meticulously and have reaped the rewards.

I have gone from being a relative novice in the gym to somebody who has not only improved his physical capabilities, but also learned about the science behind what I am doing.

Callum’s input over the last few years has been invaluable to me and he continues to help me now whenever I need things freshening up. I would recommend him to anybody looking for some support in changing or maintaining their lifestyle.

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Fitness Enthusiast

I had met Callum through work and knew all about his healthy eating and work out regimes but didn’t realise how passionate he was until I asked him to help me reach my own personal goals of weight loss and increased strength.

Callum was always very professional and listened not only while we were training but also when I was really craving chocolate! He would always motivate me to push myself that bit further and for that I am very grateful as I wouldn’t have done it myself.

Furthermore, Callum doesn’t just train you, he teaches you and shares his very vast knowledge base. So you come away from each session knowing a bit more and gain the confidence to try new programs by yourself.

Before I trained with Callum I would never have known the difference between a pyramid, matrix and supersets, but now I can put them into my program with confidence that I’m doing it right. I couldn’t recommend Callum highly enough as he really is the full package.

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Gorilla Gym is definitely the best way to meet your own personal fitness objectives.

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Half Marathon Runner

Supportive, motivational and no-nonsense are just a few words I’d use to describe Callum. I decided to call on his expertise when six weeks to race day, I had a confidence crisis, was worried I’d not done enough training and would not be able to get the mileage done.

Callum soon sorted that out. He really knows how to get results, not just physically but mentally too, giving me plenty of encouragement just at the right time, mainly when I was flagging and just about to ask him if we could walk!

Training aside, Callum also shares his wealth of knowledge about exercise, the body and nutrition, which was really insightful. Thanks to Callum, I breezed through my 1st half marathon and will definitely be enlisting his help again for my first full Marathon in May 2014.

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Tennis Player

I use Gorilla Gym to train for tennis. Callum’s intense sessions have improved my speed, endurance and control on the court which gives me the edge when I’m playing matches. The improved core strength has also allowed me to take on shots in a much more athletic manner allowing me to play more aggressive tennis.

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The sessions with Callum have really boosted my confidence, both in the gym and out. I really enjoy the sessions with Callum as he incorporates different techniques each time which has also educated me so that I can do the same when I am working out alone. In the last 3 months, my fitness level has increased finishing a 10k run in 61minutes and I am also new enjoying going to the gym a lot.

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Callum at gorilla gym has been working with me to get into shape for my up at coming movie. He’s a great trainer as he is very easy to get along with and works to your specific needs.

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I first met Callum while playing golf at a club we were both members at. After playing a few rounds with him I realised he was a very focused and competitive guy. I was looking to get back onto shape after a few years of little or no fitness apart from playing golf so I decided to ask him to give me some personnel training. It was probably the best decision I’ve made in a long time as within 3-4 weeks I felt better than I had in around 7 years. My biggest problem in the past when trying to get fit was finding the motivation to get going but with Callum I felt relaxed and his enthusiasm motivated me and made it fun to work out. I would highly recommend Callum and Gorilla Gym to be your first step back into health and fitness.

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By the time I met Callum, I had already completed two half marathons and was preparing for my third one – I felt quite confident in my preparations. This half was quite important to me because I was running for charity. However, with two months left to the event, I developed sciatica. At its worse, I was unable to walk. My leg was dead, training was not possible and I was going to pull out. Callum picked me up, motivated me and gave me a training plan that I could follow. He made me realise that I needed to concentrate on developing muscle strength and muscle tolerance to aerobic activity. He got me training by doing intervals – not outside, but in the gym and using the cardio equipment, so that my muscles were still training without the pounding on hard tarmac. He changed my diet, increased my protein intake, and all the while, he explained in a clear and understandable way why each change was required. Slowly, I built my strength back up, and I ran the whole half marathon in a time comparable to my previous two attempts – I was over the moon. He has since saved my skin multiple times and continues to support my training outside of booked sessions. I would recommend his expertise to people of all levels and sporting types – he truly knows what he is talking about.