Gorilla Gym is pleased to announce its expansion into cities across the UK starting in 2018. We aim to open up our business to fellow personal trainers with an interest in outdoor fitness, using the natural environment and their own equipment to get clients outside and into a healthier lifestyle.

Are you a Gorilla?

Using a trainer personally is to use their knowledge and experience of fitness to improve your own – that’s all!

This is something you must ask yourself. Do you love fitness..?
If that’s a yes, answer this. Are you motivated to be your own boss..?
Still saying yes? Then be honest now. Why aren’t you..?
Let’s do this!

Why become a Gorilla?

Partners coming into Gorilla Gym will do so for a number of reasons, but the one that comes up again and again is about having the freedom that a job does not allow. If you’re a fully qualified level 3 or higher trainer, perhaps you’re still stuck at the desk working a 9-5 like the founder of Gorilla Gym was, then please consider us. If anything else, at least give us a call to discuss it further. We want you to take the opportunity like we did. Even if you have a small personal training business of your own but you don’t feel it’s working, join us at Gorilla Gym. We don’t live forever, so why wait any longer?

Being a partner with Gorilla Gym will mean you become part of our team, like the legend of King Arthur there will be no superiors – we are all equal. We are all here to help each other; whether it be with session plans, equipment ideas or technical advice for your client’s performance – we’re a circle of colleagues helping each other. This will help provide a strong foundation to your businesses as we will use our collective experience to help each other increase profits, as every trainer has a golden idea here or there and isn’t profitability why you’re reading this?

The money bit

Taking on the role of a Gorilla will mean that you’re deciding to take a leap of faith and represent the brand and take on a new lifestyle. It’s scary but it can also be highly rewarding. Not just with your time but also (and hopefully) financially.

There is a non-refundable setup fee to register with us – this covers your area (where you intend to work – Glasgow/Newcastle/Birmingham etc) on this website, email address, flyers, business cards (all tailored to you) and branded clothing.

Following this setup fee, there is a non-refundable monthly fee applicable to market your business in your chosen area. To explain this further, our online marketing will be tailored to your area to prevent any customer coming through to you from another country or a city too far for you to service. There’s little point in someone living in England calling you to train them if you work in Aberdeen. So, we ask you to provide Gorilla Gym with a specific radius of how far out you want your reach to be.

Any contact forms coming through for your business will go to you, we don’t withhold anything and your fees are entirely within your control, your clients are yours. We do have industry tried and tested fees, but these are subject to change in accordance to your demographics and logistics.

For you to be successful within the Gorilla Gym brand, you have to grind a bit – wear your branded clothing as much as you can, tell your friends you’re with us, get on social media, take selfies with your clients, have fun with it. Enter races and represent yourself as a Gorilla or post a top Workout you’ve smashed, because one of us will want to try it or maybe even deliver it – we all need new ideas so share it with us. Our relationship will be awesome if we help each other and always be up front and honest. It’s exactly how your clients would want it. Go on, call us.

Ready to get started?

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