Gorilla Method

We here at Gorilla Gym are Specialists in Outdoor Fitness. We don’t believe in restricting ourselves to gym work because natural fitness is not made in a gym. Our personal trainers use a variety of methods including tyre throwing, battle ropes, agility cones, fitness hammers as well as the usual dumb-bell movements that you are probably already familiar with. The training will be relative to your current fitness level to begin with. Once we get an idea of where your exact level is we will progress steadily.

Our personal trainers come from many different backgrounds with plenty of experience under their belts so they know how to deliver fitness sessions that are designed to be fun. Those sessions will give you a self-belief and pride in yourself that wasn’t there before you started. They also know getting fit and pushing yourself can be gruelling, but they’ll be right there to push through those barriers with you. Break free of the gym and get a personal trainer that will help you achieve your fitness goals without the monotony of the gym.

Our Method Will Help You


Train for Sport

Energy Drink

Train for Events


Improve Nutritional Habits


Increase Range of Motion

Muscle Gain

Gain or Maintain Muscle Mass

Weight Loss

Lose Bodyfat