Chief Gorilla

BA Golf Management | BA (Hons) Sports Studies | Level 2 Gym Instructor | Level 3 Personal Trainer | Register of Exercise Professionals (REPS)

Hi Gorillas,

I’m Callum, founder of Gorilla Gym – Unleash Yourself, and Chief Gorilla of our ever-growing tribe. I’ve been involved in sport and fitness since I was just a cheeky monkey, so I set up Gorilla Gym to give others the opportunity to unleash their inner strengths, whether that means conquering a personal challenge or winning a tournament or sports competition.


In my early years I excelled at sports like golf, badminton and tennis, followed by endurance events as I became more physically mature. As I trained to compete in races, obstacle courses and events, I went through many gyms and fitness centres all over the UK and Ireland. In every one of them I saw personal trainers and their clients grinding away inside soulless buildings. As an outdoor enthusiast and believer in the many benefits of fresh air and open spaces, I spotted a huge gap in the training market – people who want to train outside, where they can really unleash their inner power.

And where do gorillas thrive? In the wild, which is exactly why our unique form of training does not have fixed premises, but offers unique and varied training in open air locations all over Scotland and the UK. Gorilla Gym is a concept I have poured my time, money and passion into making what it is today and I hope you’ll join me on your own journey to unleash your inner Gorilla. Contact us to join the tribe!

Callum Regan
Callum Regan

As well as being an experienced trainer, motivator and leader, Callum Regan is an athlete in his own right. He has competed in a variety of sports and completed many of the endurance races his clients train for. Callum is a real fitness expert with real world experiences, and his those include:

• 3 Peaks Challenge
• 10 Kms
• Half Marathons
• Full Marathons
• Obstacle Events
• Night Races (Deerstalker & Illuminator)